autumn sweater by Yo La Tengo
You Can Have It All by Yo La Tengo

Rinjiro Hasegawa 
Think of it this way. Our aim is to make the world more beautiful than it was when we came into it. It can be done. You can do it.
Kurt Vonnegut, Welcome to the Monkey House (via epanine)

from the short story “A Long Walk to Forever” by Kurt Vonnegut


"You know what happens next?" she said.
“Nope,” he said.
“We shake hands,” she said. “We shake hands and part friends,” she said. “That’s what happens next.”
“All right,” he said. “Remember me from time to time. Remember how much I loved you.”


Théodore Rousseau (Fr. 1812-1867), La Mare, 1842, huile sur toile, 41 x 64 cm, Reims, Musée des beaux-arts